1. Organic Cotton

Organic cotton is a natural and GMO-free product. Manufacturing process of organic cotton is eco-friendly. The entire process including planting and harvesting is done without the use of farm machinery as well as the use of chemical substances such as chemical fertilizers and pesticides. The use of these substances especially for the cotton, the world’s no.1 economic crops, can have an effect on the environment and also worsen the ecosystem.

The properties of organic cotton fabric are widely known for exceptional softness and comfort. Furthermore, the fabric is resistant to allergens so that it is suitable for everyone.

For Men

For Women

2. Kapok

Kapok trees are widely grown in all parts of Thailand. Kapok fibers texture is soft and smooth to touch, providing a supportive yet fluffy feel. It is washable, odorless and far more durable than wool. It has a unique quality similar to high quality down with none of the allergens. The kapok fiber is water resistance, quick drying, resilient and buoyant, which is why it was used in life preservers. Kapok is a 100% organic material. It does not need to be treated with chemical to make it safe or healthy for human being use as it is naturally healthy and safe..

3. Knitwear

Introducing our exquisite silk shirts, designed to elevate your style and comfort during the summer season. Whether it’s a casual day or a day spent indoors with air conditioning, our silk shirts are the perfect choice.

We prioritize natural materials, using 100% organic cotton, silk, linen, or recycled organic cotton, to provide you with a lightweight and luxurious feel. Each shirt is meticulously crafted with unique weaving patterns, creating stunning designs that exude elegance and individuality. 

Experience the perfect blend of beauty and functionality with our silk shirts, designed to enhance your personal style for any occasion.

Indulge in the utmost comfort and sophistication with our collection of silk shirts. Explore the exceptional beauty and uniqueness that our shirts bring to your wardrobe.

4. Recycled

Products made from recycled PET bottles (drinking water bottles)

Products made from recycled PET bottles originated from the concept of environmental protection by reducing PET bottles waste. The PET bottles waste has been a major factor in environmental degradation for many years. Therefore, Greencare has realized this impact and we continuously promotes the manufacture of fabrics derived from PET bottles waste and also the use of products made from recycled PET bottles. 

5. Baby & Blanket

Organic baby & blanket products.

6. Skincare

Organic skincare products.